Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Not and How Come....

Lately it feels as if my husband and I are having the same conversations over and over with our 12 year old son. My sweet precious twelve year old son has informed us that we  are the most overprotective parents that exist and that everyone else in his world  is or has ... (you can fill in the blank) I am sure that there are  parents who deserve the title of  overprotective more than Getano and I  but, we will  gladly except the title and proudly wear the crown .  We can not be the only parents having these converstaions....Are we???

Our Top Conversation Lately...

1. Son- why can't I have an iPhone/or any cell phone for that matter?

  Parents- Because...
  • we love you
  • you do not need a cell phone. You are usually with us and do not need a phone to call us  
  • when you are not with us, we have left you with an adult whom we trust and are confident that they will let you use their phone in the case of an emergency. 
  • Cell phones cost money and you do not have any money.

2.  Son- How come you have set my iPod with all theses restrictions and I don't know pass code?

 Parents- Because...
  •  we love you, 
  • we know that you do not need the pass code.
  •  not knowing the pass code protects you from things on the Internet that  you do not need access to. 

3. Son- Why can't I text anyone on my iPod...

Parents- Because...
  • we love you
  • at 12 years old you are still learning the art of conversation. That is a very important skill to have in life.
  • face to face communication is very important.
  • and... by the way you are welcome to text Daddy or me at anytime. :)
4. Son-  Why can't  I have a facebook , instagram, or twitter account...

  • we love you
  • most of these social media sites require that you are 13 years old, you are not 13.
  • at twelve you need to make real life friendships 
  • to protect you from social media "friends" that are really not your friend
5. Son- Why won't you buy me some BEAT headphones?

Parents- Because...
  • we love you
  • We are not spending $200.00- $300.00 on headphones
  • if it is something you want bad enough you should figure out how to work for it and save your money for it... You will appreciate it more and take better care of it if it is purchased with your hard earned money.
  • we love talking with you... and really think that we have many valuable things to share with you about life... and we would lose some of those opportunities if  you were always wearing BEAT headphones over your  ears. 
  • we would not want you walking  around constantly with them  on your head instead of interacting with those around you.... at twelve you are still learning how to speak to others and carry on conversations. That is hard to do when your ears are always covered up. 
6. Son- Why do y'all have to be so overprotective????

Parents- Because...
  • we love you more than life itself.
  • you are the only Zachary Wayne we have and it is our job to protect you.
  • we are trying to teach you that -with privileges come responsibility. 
  • ultimately you belong to God... and He has entrusted us to love you, teach you and protect you for a season and we want to be a good steward of the precious gift that we have been given.
  • you are worth protecting

These have been our top 6 converstaions lately and we have not tried the old true and tried response of..."Because we are the parents and we said so".... yet. :)