Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Sisters

We are almost finished with our home addition...  Caroline's  Room.  She has shared a room with her little sister for 9 years and  10 months, almost a decade, but who is counting.☺  She has been most patient and has endured a decade of her little sister in her space, in her stuff, and quiet frankly in her way! ☺ (Pics of Caroline's Room soon to come)

Little Sisters  ...    this is one subject that I am somewhat of an expert on. I had three and lived to write about it. ☺ At the age of 15 they can seem annoying and pesky. It is as if their sole reason for existence is to make your life miserable!

Kristy and Me
   When I was 15 it was hard to see past the annoyance of that moment with little sisters. I did not think about the fact  that those little sisters would not live with me forever! In fact I didn't even think about the fact  that one day they may not even live in the same city as I did. They do not stay pesky and annoying forever ... and much to my surprise those  pesky  sisters turn out to be your truest friends in life.
Kristy, Rebecca, and Me
I  lived through the pesky little sister phase and I can tell you that the true friend phase  outlasts  the pesky phase by many years! (Hang in there, good years are on the way!!)
 When you are going through a valley in life, that once little sister will grab your hand and walk right through that valley with you. She will never let go of your hand even when you demand that she does! She will constantly remind you that you will make it... and don't even think about saying you are going to quit.  That little sister will not hear of it. 
 When you have to  face a giant in life (and believe me, during a lifetime you may have to face some pretty scary and intimidating ones) that little sister will stand right beside you. Together you will be a force to  be reckoned with!  (I pity the giant that has to face any of my "little" sisters) 

Kristy, Katy, Rebecca, and Me
It is so ironic how the little sister who you would have done anything long ago to just get rid of, you now can not imagine your life with out her. Life is funny like that. I have learned that little sisters are like the most valuable things in life...
they get more valuable with age
So, as Caroline gets ready to move just down the hall from her little sister, I know that I will  continue to hear her reading books to and sharing her big sister wisdom with her little sister...Then loving the fact that she can send her off to her own room. ☺
Thankful that I get a front row seat to watch  this beautiful sister friendship grow.
Caroline and Annie-Lauren

Caroline  and  Annie-Lauren