Monday, June 18, 2012

Living Libraries

I spent this past Father's Day with my father, husband, and daughters at a baseball tournament watching my son play baseball.  My dad  has been to many other baseball tournaments and has sat along side me, yelled, and cheered with me, but this day  I was even  more thankful than I have been at other times.
Daddy and Me
As we were sitting there in the heat watching the game, I was listening as daddy shared his thoughts with me about the game, what he would do if he was coaching, and how his grandson was the best. ☻ I realized what a blessing it was to have daddy there with me on Father's Day. I have many friends whose fathers are no longer with them...and I know that they would love to have just one more day with them.

I am thankful for the connection.... thankful that my children get know this man! To hear his stories about what life was like when he was young, about his dreams, about his dreams for each of them, and about his God, and God's faithfulness. I am thankful that they get to know the farmer who raised me. Thankful that he gets to know each of my children.
Wayne Isaac age 65 and Zachary Wayne age 11

Daddy's 65th birthday- Zachary, Annie-Lauren, and Caroline

This Father's Day reminded me of the old African proverb
"When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground."
There is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and life lessons that we can learn from our parents... so much our children can learn from their grandparents.

 Lives lived, mistakes made, glorious successes, and heartbreaking losses.

Libraries filled with wisdom to share with this generation and generations to come if we are wise enough to slow down and listen.

I hope and pray that my children are never too busy or uninterested to take the time to learn from these treasures, these living libraries that they have been given for a precious amount of time.  I hope that they know and come to cherish these relationships.   Like me, I know that as they grow older, they will understand how precious these relationships really are.