Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who is Teaching Who?

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

Websters dictionary defines encourage as " to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope"

 Friday while completing a writing assignment with the 20 little scholars that sit in my classroom, I received encouragement... It came from such an unlikely source, from the little one that most needs the encouragement. He sometimes is hard to understand because of his speech deficit and he is academically not where I wish he was. So I push and push and push some more... wanting him to make giant academic gains, wanting him to quit playing with his pencils and singing  while I am trying to get him to understand the importance of reading... Sigh. 

It is my job to get him where he needs to be before the end of the year, so I push. Sometimes to the point of his frustration and mine.
On this day the twenty little scholars had completed their task and I was  helping them glue their writing products onto their brightly colored construction paper frames... the clock was ticking, the day was ending, and we needed to complete this task.

 As I went from desk to desk, gluing and giving directions... I got to his desk, the one who needs someone to give him some courage and hope, and he looked up at me, smiled, and whispered...

 " Ms. Cwement, you ora a goo goower" 

I asked him to repeat it twice, unsure of what he had said... then on the second time of hearing " Ms. Cwement, you ora a goo goower" I completely understood him. (Ms. Clement, you are a good gluer)  

"Thank you, I have been gluing for a long time"  was my reply...
I left school Friday afternoon and " Ms. Cwement, you ora goo goower"  continued to replay in my mind.  Sweet little words. 

He who needs encouragement (to be given courage and hope)  from his teacher , was encouraging her... I think I will add some words of courage and hope with the push that I have been giving. 

I am the teacher. I am the one who is supposed to  give the new knowledge... , but each passing week these sweet little ones teach me more about life, patience, laughter, and what is important..

On this day the lesson was about encouragement and the sweet little boy who taught  the lesson is the one who so needs to be inspired with hope and courage.  Father, help my words give him courage and hope.

The lesson has made me want to speak more words of courage and hope to the people my Heavenly Father puts in my path... Simple words...that have "endless echoes."

So I am going to make a conscious effort to look for the people that come in my path... I never know when someone might need to hear "you ora a goo goower"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrate Fall

Fall can officially begin…. We have had our "Welcome Fall celebration."  This past Sunday, after church, we came home and got ready to celebrate.  Every year, as a family, we make caramel and chocolate apples, and carve pumpkins. I am usually in charge of the apple making, but with each passing year Caroline seems to be taking over and I am more of the helper. Getano is in charge of the pumpkin carving.  It is something the entire family looks forward to and enjoys. As soon as October is here Annie-Lauren starts asking, "When do  we celebrate ?" She is always up for any type of celebration.

Years ago I spoke to a much wiser and older woman than myself, and asked her this question… What did you do to create traditions and memories for your children? " Her reply to me was simply- “You do the same things every year and when your children are older and not at home they will still remember, and in many cases come home for the traditional celebration or wish they could come home...”   

I remember thinking that is easy enough, I can do that… So I started trying to come up with our family traditions and create memories for my children. My hope is that when they are on their own, and a cool crisp morning ushers in the fall season, that one of the first things that will come to their minds is our “Fall Celebrations” and that it will bring  warm feelings and fond memories  to their hearts…

It does not take a lot… just a little time and planning to create memories that will last a lifetime. I know these moments and memories will forever be etched on my heart.

A few pictures from our celebration….

The Before

The After

Let the carving begin

The Finished pumpkins.... Zachary's LSU, Annie-Lauren's flowers and Caroline's birds.