Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Language....

Over the past ten years I have been learning a new language.... "The language of boys"... the fact  that I grew up with three sisters is one of the many reasons that I never became fluent in this language... Since the birth of my son, Zachary Wayne, I have not only had to learn this language, but I am cultivating an appreciation for it.

The sweetest little man ever!!!
Last Thursday, When  I picked  Zachary and Annie-Lauren up from school , Zachary had the rare opportunity to sit up front with me, because Caroline had after school basketball practice.  As we drove off, I asked the usual questions- " How was your day," " Did you do well on your test?" and "Annie-Lauren did you get a conduct mark today?" (☺another post for another day.) 

As we continued to drive my sweet little man began to talk.....

Zachary - "Mom, did you know that Lebron James was drafted into the NBA right out of high school?" "I would like to see him play. He plays for the Miami Heat Mom."  "Mom some people think that if you are tall you are able to dunk the ball, but I think it is your jumping ability." " You know Nate Robinson is only 5'9" tall and he can dunk the ball...." " Ridley was reinstated  for the Cotton Bowl mom, what do you think about that?"

 (I think you have an idea of the conversation we had, with the occasional interruption from Annie-Lauren explaining to me why she received a conduct mark☺)

It is about a 30 minute drive from school to our home, and during that time, Zachary shared a wealth of information with me. He even was interested in my opinions on his basketball and football and baseball facts... as if I have any real opinions...

It is because of Zachary that I know who Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Tim TeBow are and can tell you what round they were drafted in, what NFL team they play for, and their positions. I can spit out more facts about  Peyton Manning (Zachary's idol) that would impress you... I sometimes impress my husband. ☺ It is because of this little boy, that I watched, for the very first time, the induction ceremony of the NFL hall of famers this past year and even cried while Bob LeBeau gave the induction speech for his brother Dick LeBeau..

Listening to Zachary talk that day made me smile. I smiled because the little boy sitting next to me has caused me to want to not only learn, but to become proficient in a language that I have never had a desire to learn before.☺

I have found that knowing Zachary's language better equips me.  I want to become fluent in his language because I want to know him.  I have not only used his language to reach him, but also to teach him. I have read more books about football players, Great Olympians, NBA players... etc... who had character, integrity, and perseverance in order to talk to my son and teach him in a language that he knows and loves.

One day, sooner than later, my little man will be a grown man... and I know I will not regret showing interest in who threw the most interceptions or touchdowns for the season... I will not regret all the books I read on great sports heroes...I will be glad that I invested the time becoming fluent in this "boy language"... because when this boy is a man... I still want to speak his language.