Saturday, August 28, 2010

His Birthday, My Present

Today is my husband’s birthday.  It is a day of celebration and gifts (in my opinion), but anytime I ask him to tell me what he would like for his birthday, his response is ALWAYS the same... "I don’t need anything." This is the polar opposite of me.  If someone were to ask me what I would like for my birthday I would be able to rattle off a number of items that I really NEEDED, and could tell them where the items could be found or purchased.  This year I asked the same old question, and true to form, my husband has once again said, "I don't need anything."  I have learned that this can also be interpreted as, "Lisa, do not mess up our budget, because I really mean, I don't need anything..."

It seems ironic to me that it is his birthday, and as I sit here typing I feel like I am the one who has been given the present. He is, after all one of the greatest presents I have ever received. My heavenly father went all out when He gave me Getano as my husband and best friend. So today we celebrate the day Getano was born. Happy Birthday Getano! I wrote this poem for you...and it did not mess up the budget!
Celebrating Getano's Birthday!!!

  Champion, Hero, Love
You are my champion
You are the title holder of my love and admiration.
You are the defender of our home.
You are the strong arm I lean on,
You are the champion of my heart.

You are my hero.
You are valiant, bold, and our protector,
You are Caroline's brave and faithful father.
You are Zachary's Superman, courageous and fearless, his idol.
You are Annie-Lauren's leading man in every skit and drama.
You are my hero.

You are my love
You are devoted and true
You are the one I adore
You are the father of my children
You are my truest friend.
You are my constant companion and confidant
You are my love.
Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If you can't say something nice...

Thumper from the Walt Disney movie "Bambi"
Speaking words of wisdom...

Ephesians 4:29  says "Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers."

In  Florence Littauer's book Silver Boxes... she shares this scripture and then explains that "to minister" means to serve and give to others...and "grace is a gift we don't necessarily deserve."

During a family devotion with my children I used her book to demonstrate that our words are gifts of grace that we give to each other.  We talked about edifying and it's meaning of building up. "Do our words encourage and build up or do they destroy and tear down? "  In the book Silver Boxes, Florence Littauer writes that  "We should think of each word as a block, and should keep adding good words to each other's pile of blocks... we shouldn't go around and knock other people's blocks down!"

Since the devotion I will often hear one of my children asking the other one "was that edifying?" They got the message. :)

This week I have been thinking about the words we say to others... and it made me remember the famous line in the Walt Disney movie Bambi.  When Thumper states "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all..."  Such wisdom from a rabbit. :) and such a simple message....but not always easy to do.

Today I was thinking about my own words...the reason for this post. Asking myself the question "was that edifying?" I thought about my words and wondered if the people who were receiving them would describe them as gifts of grace.  I thought about my children and husband and wondered if I had been adding to their pile of blocks or knocking them down. My conclusion was... I need to do better and I can do better.

I want my words to minister grace to the hearer....I want them to be gifts of encouragement and gifts of grace... even if the recipient does not necessarily deserve it...
after all, that is what a gift of grace is.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Granny Bert and Cook Books

Granny Bert, Me, and Pawpaw Zack

My Granny Bert loved to cook and she also loved food.  She had numerous cook books that proved this fact.  I can remember as a child just being with her in her kitchen. It was such a wonderful place to be. One of the most  treasured items I own is an orange notebook that was  purchased at the Dollar General Store. On the front of the notebook in Bertha Bruchhaus Marcantel's hand writing is the the purpose of this orange note book. " Lisa's Cookbook 1984"  inside the notebook is the index page. It is numbered one through six with the following recipes: Granny's Shrimp Mold, Bread Pudding, Fudge Candy, Busy Day Soup, Rice Pudding, and Cottage Cheese Salad. Following the index, my Granny took the time to write out each recipe for me. I remember when she gave it to me and  how she showed me where to write my own recipes that I liked.

When Granny passed away I recieved some of her cook books. Each cook book that came to me, came because on the inside cover it stated,"This cook book belongs to Lisa" this also was written in her handwritng. I am ashamed to say that I am not half the cook my Granny was, but I do try occasionally.

Today while trying to find a recipe for shrimp stew I started going through Granny's cookbooks. In each cook book I would find recipes she loved or thought was good. I know this because she wrote on the side of them "very good." She  even wrote things in the cook book about how to make it better next time or things she learned while cooking it the first time. Today Granny's handwriting and simple little messages made me smile. It made me miss her too. I also realized how a simple little orange notebook with my Granny's recipes in her  handwriting is one of  my prized possessions. It truly is the simple things in life! The notebook represents to me many hours with Granny that she invested in me. Although the hours were many times centerd around cooking and the kitchen, my lack of her cooking skills reveals that it really was not about cooking.  It was about me. She loved me and felt I was worth investing her time in, we just happen to be in the kitchen ALOT!! 

Today Granny helped me remember what is important. My children did not get the opportunity to know this great lady, but she still is impacting their lives. Today Granny reminded me to slow down and invest some time... because my children are worth investing in. Thank you Granny.

This is only one example that shows that it truly is
the little things that matter the most.